Flīžu līste 2,5m/3*8/sudrabs matēts
Flīžu līste 2,5m/3*8/sudrabs matēts
Ražotājs: Arcansas

Flīžu līste 2,5m/3*8/sudrabs matēts



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6,66€ / gab.
Bez nodokļa: 5,50€ / gab.

Arcansas ESA/EFA profiles are designed to protect the edges of ceramic tiles or similar hard finishes fitted in wall and floor installations, this is an L shaped extruded aluminium profile.                                          

ESA/EFA profiles have specially designed corner pieces to provide a perfect rounded safe edge when mitering either profile. External corners, ESC, are available in 8, 10 and 12mm depths.         

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Pielietojuma joma Flīžu profili
Apdare Anodēts
Krāsa Sudraba
Garums (metros) 2,5
Šķērsgriezums (mm*mm) 3*8